One Cold Shower Is Enough!

There are few things worse than having your hot water die on you mid-shower. Suddenly the water turns freezing cold and you have to finish washing your hair while you shiver. With winter approaching in Australia now, situations like this are even more important to avoid. We’ve put together a few important tips to help you look out for clues that your hot water system might be in need of hot water maintenance, so you can avoid your system dying on you at an inconvenient time. By spotting these easy signs before the system dies, you can save yourself money and time, avoiding having to replace a hot water system in its entirety. In fact, if you have your hot water inspected regularly, you can extend its lifetime with improved efficiency, and any problems can be resolved before your system dies. Here are 10 clues your hot water system may need a service:

1. The water that comes out of the tap is brown or a rusty colour and is not flowing clearly.
2. The water seems to be muddy and sometimes looks as though there is sediment or other bits floating in it.
3. When the hot water system is used, it makes odd noises that sound like cracks or pops.
4. The hot water doesn’t seem to last as long as it used to – sometimes it runs out altogether.
5. The water pressure isn’t as strong as it was in the past, although this fluctuates. Sometimes the pressure is strong and other times it’s not.
6. The temperature of the water varies without touching the taps – sometimes it goes hot or cold for no reason.
7. Water is coming out from places it shouldn’t – there seems to be a leak somewhere.
8. The pilot light is going out frequently for no reason.
9. When hot water comes from the tap, it smells odd and sometimes has a taste that resembles metal.
10. When you shower or wash the dishes, it seems there is less hot water in the system than there used to be.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, it might be a sign that your hot water system needs repairing or maintenance. These repairs could simply be a minor check-up or sometimes they might be more major, such as having to replace temperature or pressure valves. More minor maintenance simply involves checking how the gas is operating and whether controls are working correctly.

Some common hot water system problems that are frequently found during maintenance checks include installation problems, temperatures being set too high or low, blocked strainers or filters, and problems with igniters and thermostats.

These problems can often be easily and inexpensively fixed if caught early enough – the key is to analyse the systems and catch any issues before they arise.

A general recommendation for Australian hot water systems is that they are checked every three years if they are heated by gas or electricity, or twice a year if they are solar powered. Although if you notice any of the above issues, you should call your plumber immediately.

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Thanks to “Rain Shower Outdoor” by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee image.