Cold Shower?

Hot water system leaks can be a big problem, inconveniencing you at best and costing you time and money at worst. If your water supply suddenly loses pressure or stops sending anything through the taps, you may have a hot water system leak and need to take action.
Here’s a quick guide to spotting hot water system leaks and sorting out the problem.


Causes of Hot Water System Leaks

Most hot water systems are relatively simple, with cold water entering a storage tank with a gas or electrically powered heating element that raises the water’s temperature and builds pressure. That pressure could be lost because of a faulty heating element, a loose water hose, or even a hole or crack in the tank itself.


Identifying hot water system leaks

The most obvious way of telling if your hot water system (HWS) has developed a leak is by turning on the hot water taps and seeing what level of water pressure is coming out.
If the stream of water coming from your showerhead or hot taps is less than what it usually is, your HWS may be leaking.
Next, check your home’s water mains, which provide the source of water for the hot water system. There could be a leak or loss of pressure at this point, causing a weaker flow to the system.
If the mains are fine, inspect the hot water system unit itself for any obvious signs of leaking, such as puddles of water or jets of liquid.
However, a hot water tank leak may not always be so obvious, so it’s a good idea to engage the services of a professional to help diagnose the problem and fix it.


Hot water system repairs and maintenance

It is very important to check your hot water system annually and schedule regular maintenance on the unit. This will allow you to spot potential problems and sort them out before they develop into something serious, saving time, water and money.
If a leak does occur and goes undetected, it can waste a significant amount of water, raising your water bill, and could cause further damage to the hot water system itself.


Leave it to the professionals

Hot water systems combine both plumbing and electrical elements, and should only ever be installed, maintained and repaired by a qualified professional.
Simple maintenance like ensuring your water mains are running steadily and keeping the area around the hot water system clean will help avoid damage, but in the event of a leak, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.
Hot water system leaks can be very costly, so the price of a repair or replacement is well worth the investment.
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