Need your existing hot water heater repaired or inspected? Time to upgrade and install a new one? We can answer all your hot water questions. Rely on us to assist you with all your hot water needs.

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Systems, Brands, Installations and Repairs

Hot water systems provide your home or office with continual hot water, which is why it’s essential you choose not only the correct system for your needs, but also the correct contractor for installation and maintenance.

Here at Ruttley Services, we’re experts in hot water and can answer all your hot water questions. We can help you find the hot water system that suits your needs by looking at the size of your property, number of users, purchase and operating costs, and available space.

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Hot Water

Our team of fully qualified and licensed plumbers provide hot water services including:

We are proud to install and service reliable and trusted brands, including Rinnai, Rheem, Thermann and Sux.


Hot Water Systems

There are two types of water heaters:

Storage and Continuous Flow Systems use a variety of energy sources to heat the water, including gas, electricity and solar.

Ruttley Services can help you determine which is the most efficient and appropriate hot water system for your household or office so you save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Factors to consider when choosing a system:

  • The size of your property and number of users
  • Purchase and operating costs
  • Available space

We’ll find a hot water heating solution that suits you

Gas Storage

Gas Storage thermann

Gas hot water heater is suited to families of 3-5 people. With an adjustable thermostat for safety and efficiency it allows you to be in control of your operating costs and performance.

  • 4 star efficiency
  • Full mains pressure taps
  • Small footprint – easy replacement

Gas continuous Flow Hot Water

Gas Continuos Flow Hot Water

How it works:

  •  A hot water tap is turned on
  • Water enters the heater
  • The water flow sensor detects the water flow
  • The computer automatically ignites the burner
  • Water circulates through the heat exchanger
  • The heat exchanger heats the water to the designated temperature
  • When the tap is turned off, the unit shuts down

Electric storage

Electric storage thermann

Electric storage hot water units heat water in an insulated tank by an electric element, like a giant kettle. They’re quick and easy to install and are available in three different sizes to suit your needs – making them a great affordable way to get your hot water now. They’re also solar upgradeable, so whenever you’re ready you can take advantage of energy savings.

  • Australian Made Tanks
  • Electric Footprint Identical – Easy changeover
  • Manufactured using state of the art machinery
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Hot Water Systems for Your Home or Office.

Ruttley Services has over ten years experience providing Sydney-wide plumbing, draining and gas fitting services.

If your hot water system isn’t working the way you need it to, give Ruttley Services a call today to see how we can help.

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Continuous Flow Hot Water


Tempering Valves


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