Easy Water Saving Tips This Summer!

Summer is around the corner; the time for beach trips and BBQ’s. It’s also the hottest time of the year, and so it’s important to save as much water as you can. With long dry days, every drop counts. It’s important to make sure you’re prepared for the rise in temperature. Luckily there are plenty of water-saving tips you can follow to make your whole house a water-saving property.

  • Keep your showers short– The saddest tip, but the best way to save litres of water. By limiting your shower to 4 minutes, or the length of a good song you’ll be on the way to saving water. For those feeling extra conscious, you can try a water saving shower head. This contraption allows less water out, meaning you’ll be doing your bit for the environment.
  • Rinse the right way– Summer is the best time for fresh fruit and veg, nothing is better than a salad on a hot night. Don’t leave the tap running, turn it off and fill a bowl up instead. When you’re done why don’t you give the water to some thirsty plants?
  • Fix leaky taps– You’ll never believe how much water a leaky tap can waste in a year, around 20,000! So, if you see a leaky tap, best to fix it right away.
  • Water your yard at optimal times– Water evaporates a lot quicker in the hotter weather. It’s important to water your garden at a time where the water is going to soak in and make your plants happy. This is early morning or late afternoon, and make sure you’re getting the garden and not the footpath.
  • Water tanks: These are the best way to make use of all the rainwater. By installing a water tank, it will make it easier to collect water from the roof and you can use it in the garden or home. This is an easy way to start saving water!
  • Gardening– We all love to show off our horticultural skills, but why not make it a water-wise garden too? This means having plants with low water requirements, so why not plant some local flora? It’ll make the wildlife happy as well, so a win-win!

With these handy tips, it’ll be easy to save water this summer. It’s always a good idea to get your plumbing checked to make sure you’re not losing water, and instead saving water at every drop.