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When you need help with an electrical issue, you need to call the experts. You’ll want to deal with an organisation that has some pedigree, can send out experienced technicians and will not waste any time in an urgent situation. Yet you also want to deal with a company that can get to the heart of the issue and put your mind at rest. A business that can work around your schedule if needed. Talk to Ruttley Services. Reassuring, responsive and reliable.

When you call Ruttley, we will show up on time for your appointment. We will also provide you with a solid quotation so you know exactly how much it’s going to cost you and so you can avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Our engineers will call you when we are 30 minutes away from the appointment so you can get ready. You will recognise us right away when our uniformed team arrives. We will then carry out the work professionally and clean up any mess at the end.

The technicians at Ruttley Services are always learning and keeping on top of any developments in the industry. This helps us to serve you more efficiently and without delay. Furthermore, we are members of several professional bodies, including Strata Community Australia.

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Turn to Ruttley Services for help in these areas:


Ceiling fans help to circulate the air, reduce humidity and can cut down your overall energy costs. So why not let us install them in your Eastern Suburbs property? They can cool your home in the summer and warm it up in the winter, simply by flicking a switch.

However, it’s not a good idea to install these fans by yourself. They are heavy and cumbersome to handle, and you may struggle to figure out the wiring. It’s best to be safe rather than sorry. Let Ruttley Services do the work for you.


Most homes in Eastern Suburbs could do with some additional power points, especially in the living room or kitchen. After all, people love those new entertainment devices or time-saving appliances, but they don’t have anywhere to plug them in. Don’t risk electrical problems and tidy up the mess at the same time. Ruttley Services will help you to calculate your needs and plan your installation. We will then fit all of your new power points for you in strategic locations.


You can never be too safe at home or at work. You’ll want to deter the bad guys so you can keep your family or your business as safe as you can. In this case, why not install security lighting around your property to deter any wrongdoing? We can send our Ruttley Services security specialists to your place to determine your needs and work out the best approach in your situation.


When was the last time you tested your smoke detectors? Do you even have enough of them? You can’t be too blasé when it comes to fire threat in Eastern Suburbs. You’ll want to protect your occupants at all times, especially at night. Reach out to the technicians at Ruttley Services to assess your needs, recommend some additional locations, test your existing configuration and install where necessary.


While we can certainly help to fix any electrical problem at your home, we are primed and ready for your business needs as well. We can address your issues as and when it arises, but we can make your business more efficient, too. For example, talk to us about upgrading your switches, systems and lighting units. This will help you to be more efficient and save energy and money at the same time.

If we install the latest specification gear, then you can communicate in real-time with your utility company. The smart devices will switch on and off as needed to take advantage of lower rates. This will help you to reduce the size of your carbon footprint, which should be a primary goal in modern society.

You probably operate in a very competitive field and want to save as much money as possible. We can help you to reduce the scale of your electricity bill so you can boost your bottom line profits at the end of the year.


When the lights go out or your appliances stop working at an inconvenient moment, you need someone to turn to. Ruttley Services will be waiting for your call and will send experienced and knowledgeable technicians to your Eastern Suburbs property. We understand the stakes at a moment like this and are ready to serve.

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Call Ruttley Services and speak to our friendly Customer Service Team.


Tell us about your problem and what time you are available for us to arrive at your property.


You will receive an email confirming booking time and date.


We will send you a text message the day prior confirming arrival time.


We will send you a text message when we are 30 mins away from arriving at your property.


A Ruttley Services Plumber or electrician arrives at your property and discusses the problems and options on how to fix. With your approval we will do job.


We Clean up after job is complete, leaving the property clean. We will then walk you through what work has been done.


Payment made, receipt provided.


As proud members of Master Plumbers Association of NSW and Strata Community Australia, we’re constantly abreast of industry trends and developments.


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24H / 7DAYS