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When everything is working correctly, your electricity supply is a reliable resource, which makes your everyday life a lot easier. However, you need to be sure that your system is in good working condition and can cope with the power supplied by the utility company and protect you at the same time. Ruttley Services understands this challenge and can help you to configure, repair or install some of this vital equipment. We have a reputation for being reliable, responsive and reassuring and will take care of your entire electrical installation.

If you need help with your switchboard, surge protectors or safety switches, you will want to work with experts that understand your challenge. You’ll want to know how much it is all going to cost before you begin, and we will supply you with a fixed upfront cost. We’ll always be on time for an appointment as well and will let you know that we are on our way 30 minutes ahead of time.

Our electricians are courteous and professional at all times. Uniformed staff will carry out the work expeditiously and will always clean up before they leave. Once they have finished everything to your satisfaction, they’ll give you several different ways to pay. You can use a credit card, cash, Open Pay or EFTPOS, and if you need more time, we can talk with you about interest-free finance options for high-value installations.

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A modern-day switchboard needs to be able to handle a much higher load than its predecessor. You may be relying on many energy-hogging appliances or fixtures within your home or business, and an older installation may not be sufficient. Does the power keep tripping off at the most inopportune time? Do you find that the lights in your property flicker without any apparent reason? These are signs of a switchboard that needs some care, and if you want to avoid a breakdown, you need to call in the experts.

The electricians at Ruttley Services understand the complex interaction between circuitry, cabling and switches. They can carry out a regular repair or restore service in the event of an emergency.


Usually, the flow of electricity to your home or business is constant and uninterrupted. However, this is not always the case, and when something goes wrong, your property may receive a spike of power, also known as a surge. Sometimes, this can happen if lightning strikes nearby. In this case, the power may go out for a split second before it returns with a jolt. Alternatively, the utility company may switch between various parts of the grid, and a spike may push the peak voltage beyond its norm.

You need a surge protector in any of these situations. Without a surge protector in place, that spike in voltage could “fry” the internal circuitry within your TV, fridge or another piece of critical machinery.

Ask Ruttley Services to protect you by installing one or more surge protection devices at strategic locations. A master device can cover the entire property, and we can place individual devices next to critical circuits or cables. Don’t think that a problem cannot happen to you — it is better to be safe rather than sorry.


While surge protectors may help you avoid appliance, component or machine damage, safety switches can offer additional protection. These devices monitor the electrical flow, and they will interrupt the power if they detect even a slight imbalance. They typically activate within a fraction of a second and isolate the device or appliance in question.

We can install safety switches for you throughout your home or facility, check that they are kept in good condition and replace them if not.

Don’t forget that a safety switch can often be your first sign of a problem elsewhere. Should you have damaged wiring or are trying to plug too many appliances into one socket, this may activate the safety switch. If the issue is recurrent, our experts can isolate the problem and fix it. We can repair any damage or install additional sockets if need be, complete with safety switches.


Ruttley Services has been helping home and business owners in the Sydney area for more than 18 years. We are proud of our reputation not just as a first-class service provider but also as a local business that you can trust.

We respect your patronage and will also take the utmost care whenever we arrive at your property. We’ll protect any vulnerable surfaces if need be before we begin work.

Remember, we guarantee our price and are always available should you encounter any issues. We are not only reliable, reassuring and responsive, but we can help with your electrical issues 24 hours per day, seven days per week if need be.

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