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Ruttley Services provides timely and reliable services for all your electrical requirements in Ryde, NSW.

Our highly experienced team of licenced electricians has the knowledge and skills critical to providing efficient electrical services. So, whether you require electrical installation, repair, or maintenance work for your home or business, Ruttley Services has you covered.

Electrical faults or problems in your electrical system need to be attended to urgently because they can pose a fire risk. Moreover, electrical issues can damage appliances, equipment, and electronics if they are not addressed quickly and efficiently.

If you have an electrical concern, please contact Ruttley Services right away.

Our friendly, helpful, and reliable team will be there quickly to assess the problem and propose solutions so that we can fix your electrical issue in the soonest time possible.

And we don’t just fix electrical problems.

We also instal ceiling fans, power points, security lighting, and smoke detectors and provide both emergency and commercial electrician services. So, whether you want us to instal additional socket outlets or check if there’s a problem with your junction box, trust us to be there ASAP.

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Ruttley Services offers the following electrical services for homes and business establishments in Ryde, NSW:


Ceiling fans can make homes more energy-efficient. If you use energy-rated certified units instead of regular ceilings fans, you can increase this benefit further with much lower energy costs and savings in the long run.

The average annual running cost for a conventional single ceiling fan is estimated at $14.90, running on medium-high speed for four hours per day for an entire year. A typical reverse-cycle air conditioner that’s used to cool a medium-sized room of 36 square metres would cost $0.36 to $0.70 per hour to run.

You can use ceiling fans to provide backup support to your air conditioning unit in the heat of summer. Your ceiling fan can also keep you cool on its own in case you encounter an air conditioning breakdown.

During winter, you can use your ceiling fan to push warm air to the floor by programming the fan blades to move clockwise. This can help reduce energy consumption by up to 15 per cent.

If you require safe and efficient ceiling fan installation services in Ryde, NSW, you know who to call — Ruttley Services.


Electrical power points or socket outlets are essential electrical components in both homes and business establishments in Ryde, NSW. Without these, there’s no way of connecting electrical equipment, appliances, and electronics to a home or building power supply.

Generally, it’s more practical and economical to instal power points during the construction phase as adding other power points later entails altering the original electrical design. So, anytime you plan to add more power points, it’s best to discuss your plan with a professional electrician.

Whether you need experienced, licenced electricians to instal power points during construction or want to add a few more to an existing building, please get in touch.


Both home and business owners can benefit from the installation of security lighting as a safety and security measure. Proper illumination plays a key role in drastically reducing and deterring potential intruders from targeting your home or place of business. It enhances safety outside your home or building through the illumination of exit and entry points, paths, or walkways.

So, for your safety and security, let Ruttley Services take care of your security lighting needs in Ryde, NSW.


Smoke detectors or alarms are essential safety devices that can save both life and property from fire accidents. This is why it’s crucial to have these at home and in buildings, including commercial establishments.

Australian public health and safety laws require all households to have 240-volt smoke detectors, whilst businesses are mandated to have these as part of their comprehensive fire safety plan.

Protect yourself and your valuable assets from fire accidents by letting our capable team of licenced electricians handle your smoke detector installation needs.


Ruttley Services provides electrical services for projects of any size in Ryde, NSW. Some of our commercial electrician offerings include the following services:

  • Installation, wiring, and servicing of breaker boxes
  • Data wiring and networking data installation
  • Installation of electrical power points and wiring for equipment, signage, power systems, etc.
  • Ground-fault circuit interrupter installation
  • Phone wiring and networking
  • Installation of outdoor, security, and landscape lighting, power and lighting design
  • Installation of new equipment and upgrades
  • Electrical, occupancy, and safety inspections


Electrical problems can arise anytime. If you have a faulty or tripping circuit breaker, backstabbed outlets or wires, dysfunctional switches, an exposed junction box, an overloaded circuit, or experience frequent bulb burnouts, you might have a serious electrical issue in your hands.

Also, if anything is grounded or you experience electrical shocks from using an appliance, you need the services of fast and reliable professional electricians in Ryde, NSW. This is to ensure the problem doesn’t escalate and lead to a fire hazard and severe injuries.

Our Ruttley Services team of licenced electricians is available for your emergency electrical requirements 24/7.

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