Constantly dripping taps can be a real nuisance. Not only does it waste water, but it also increases your water bill. A good way to lower your water usage is to teach your children the correct way to turn off a tap so that it doesn’t drip.

If your children find it difficult to turn off the taps after they’ve finished using them, it might be a good idea to install a washer-less tap. These are an easy solution to your problem as they help keep your taps firmly off; and there is no strain on your children’s little hands.

Washer-less taps can easily be installed by your local, friendly plumber. Make sure washers are replaced regularly and taps reseated with a new washer-less tap so they stay in good condition.

Washer-less taps use small rubber components, called O-rings or seals, to stop water from leaking. Like a washer, an O-ring is subject to gradual degradation and must be replaced when there are signs of wear and tear. An O-ring can easily be replaced, which is why washer-less taps are a smart choice for your home.  With washer-less taps, you don’t need to worry about replacing worn-out or ill-fitting washers. Their advanced, one-piece construction brings greater reliability and efficient performance.

Running water is a vital part of everyday life, which is why it’s so important to install a tap that won’t drip all day long. It is an efficient, hassle-free solution to leaking taps, especially when children are involved. Washer-less taps will stay off without a harsh close, making them the perfect solution for your family, saving your little ones from straining their hands, and saving you from increased bills due to running taps.